Posted by: aborby | April 29, 2009

Punkbuster x64 Fix (Windows 7)

Not at all related to the subject matter of this blog, but us cutting edge nerds have to stick together right.

Currently Punkbuster (the anti-cheat software built into many multiplayer games) has major compatibility issues with Windows 7. Various fixes have been discovered for x32 versions of the Beta OS, but none (until now) for x64. Punkbuster themselves have refused to support Windows 7 until RTM, so forgive the “hackiness” of the fix, but it works.

The Fix

In both C:\Windows\SYSWOW64 and C:\Windows\System32

Open PnkBstrA.exe and PnkBstrB.exe’s properties and enable Vista Compatibility Mode, as well as “Run as administrator”. Save.

Right click on the desktop and create a new text file, then copy paste the following:


sc config PnkBstrA type= own type= interact

sc config PnkBstrB type= own type= interact

timeout 60

goto start

Save the text file as punkbuster.bat and run it (as an administrator) before joining a server.

Problem “resolved”.



  1. Can I change the timeout vault to something higher (like 360)?

    60 seconds is kinda quick to start up, login, go to menu, browse servers, choose server, join

  2. oh yeah… btw

    thx for the article !!

  3. Even though I didnt have any PB exe’s inC:\Windows\System32, this seemed to work with BF 2 v1.50

  4. Yeah I didn’t have any in system32 either but I applied the fix to a friend’s too, and he did, so better safe than sorry. Glad to hear it worked, game on!

  5. […] W7 and Punkbuster issues (COD4) Check this out. __________________ [CPU: Q9450 @ 3.6Ghz|RAM: Corsair PC2-8500 (2x2GB)] [MOBO: Asus P5Q Deluxe […]

  6. Has anyone had any luck getting call of duty 4 to work using this method?

  7. Failed on Win7 x64 RC1 with BF2

  8. me to failed with win7 7100 32bit

  9. with COD4

  10. don’t know what to tell you guys! as long as you follow the steps to the letter, and have a batch file looping in the background when you launch COD4, it should work. mine DEFINITELY did not work (x64, 7100, COD4) and now does using the above method.

    PLEASE NOTE: sometimes when i launch the batch and then COD4 straight away, i get kicked after 2-3 mins. when i rejoin the server, everything works fine (for hours on end.. im an avid gamer!).

  11. For me I can only keep playing for like 15 mins before getting kicked. At least it’s better than 2 mins which it was before the “fix” >_<

    evenbalance sucked donkey before this, and I can’t say this brought them any higher on my list.

  12. Why are you blaming EvenBalance for not supporting an operating system that is not released to the public as a fully supported OS yet???

    They will support the finalised OS and they are probably waiting for that to save them weeks of effort on getting something working that it is possible to change before its final release!!!

  13. Why not support the RC? It gives them the heads up on the competition and the ability to work out bugs before the RTM is released.

    Hell Kaspersky released a new version of their antivirus with this in mind. But Evenbalance decide to be slack as and not fix A SIMPLE problem.

    Keef if you think that’s the reason they won’t support it, you are sorely mistaken. They are just a company that decided to not spend any money and maximise profits. Hence their program sucks balls in the first place, and now sucks even worse.

  14. I can’t seem to execute the .bat file I created. I don’t see a ‘run’ command. How should the filename look?

  15. Works great, thanks so much!

  16. To arch1tect and any others who cant find PB A/B in system 32. This is most likely because you are using an x64 version of the beta. The PB files you are after are in the c:\Windows\Syswow64 Folder (SYSWOW = the 32 bit emulator for a 64bit OS)

  17. Hello,
    I’ve just Installed Vista 7600 x64 and had problems with Battlefield 2142. (same error message “131134” or somthing)

    I Tried to du the bat file, but all it says is:

    “[SC] OpenService FAILED: 5

    Access is denied. ”

    Thx for help

  18. x64 is still shit.. back to x86 for me.
    After all these year x64 still wastes too much time getting stuff to work… pointless

  19. On Windows 7 X64 the PnkBstrA.exe and PnkBstrB.exe files are in “C:\Windows\SysWOW64”

  20. This is what i get in my batch file:
    C:\Users\Collin\Desktop\>sc config PnkBstrB type= own type= interact {SC} OpenService FAILED 1060:

    The specified service does not exist as an installed service
    this happens after i copy the file exactly into my batch file

  21. the right shuld be this

    sc config PnkBstrA type= own type= interact
    sc config PnkBstrB type= own type= interact

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